Two More Old Favorites

Well I guess it’s about time I got around to putting in the next two of my favorite old shots as I continue my trip down Memory Lane. The first shot, entitled “Powell Street Overpass”, is more accurately just an overpass that happens to be on Powell Street. If it has a name (I’m reasonably sure it does), I’ve never come across it, and my life has been just fine despite this egregious lack of information. Of course, it may well be that it truly is “The Unknown Overpass”, thus joining the esteemed ranks of such notables as, “The Unknown Soldier” and “The Unknown Blogger” (the last of which I think I just invented).

The second image I do have some slightly more solid information on. The critter pictured therein is a Grey Heron. We have a lot of these beautiful birds in Vancouver, and a large number of them hang out in a well-established community they have located at one of the better-known entrances to Stanley Park, an area known as Lost Lagoon. You have to see one of these animals in flight to truly appreciate their wingspan, and you have to see that neck of theirs in action to actually realize all the shapes they can twist that thing into. If you should get into a staring contest with one of these birds, my money’s on the bird.

So anyway, try as it may, Spring still has not managed to set in, and we still have not had two consecutive days of sunny weather. It reminds me of the old Vancouver weather, before they cut so many of the trees off the North Shore mountains. I didn’t mind it then, so I guess I can live with it now (it tends to chase away the sissies).

I hope the weather elsewhere is looking better, and I hope you all had a pleasant Easter week. Hopefully everyone is healthy and happy. And I always pray your keeping safe. Have a great week.

Powell Street Overpass
Powell Street Overpass
Grey Heron At Lost Lagoon_2
Grey Heron At Lost Lagoon_2


So I Think I’m Back

Though my service provider has yet to show up at my new digs (how’s that for a 70’s reference), as they try to assuage their guilt at having stood me up on two separate occasions now, the fine lady I talked to at “customer service” at least had the good sense (and courtesy) to switch my actual service from the old place to the new from their side, and promised I would have the first available cancellation or whatever came up, with a “guarantee” of an actual service call by April 12th, between the hours of 1-3 pm. (My original date was for the 29th of March, and then the 5th of April when they didn’t show up the first time.) As you’ve probably noticed, however, once they decided to switch the energy flow from my old address to the new, I was able to do my own wiring, and get things up and running. It’s not pretty (the cables run across the center of my living room), but it works, and that’s good enough for me at this time. The techie can worry about the artistic stuff if and when he/she ever arrives.

So as I unpack everything, I thought I should freshen up my page a bit since it’s been a while since I changed anything. I haven’t unpacked the camera equipment yet, but I thought what I would do for a few days was take a little trip down memory lane and look back at some of my favorite pictures. It’s getting pretty late into my third year since I began this page here at WordPress, and in that time, I realized I only had a couple handfuls of pictures that I was really, really happy with. So see, you don’t have to worry, I’ll run out of these old ones quickly enough, and then I’ll get back to trying to improve my techniques. And if I learn anything from the experience, then it will have been a worthwhile experiment.

So at any rate, I guess we’re starting to see some hints of Spring in the air. The Cherry and Apple Blossoms are out, as are the earlier Magnolias. And there’s a fly buzzing around my head right now doing my spell-checking for me because he knows that I just can’t tolerate “spelling bees”. All you folks try and stay dry now, have a good week, stay healthy, happy, and like always, try and be safe.

Resting in peace.
Resting In Peace
Sitting Pretty Bathing In The Sunlight
Sitting Pretty Bathing In The Sunlight


A Few Stray Beach Pictures

Just a few pictures I found while I was organizing some files. They appear to have been taken when I was walking down at First Beach, in the West End of Vancouver, sometime this summer, so I figured it’s about time they saw the light of day.

Below Burrard Street Bridge
Below Burrard Street Bridge.
First Beach on a week-end afternoon.
First Beach On A Week-end Afternoon
Barnacle village.
Barnacle Village
Driftwood contours.
Driftwood Contours
False Creek on a sunny morning.
False Creek On A Sunny Morning

Well, nothing too dazzling, but time is short as I look at the insane jumble around me, pondering how my apartment can manage to look continually messier, the more stuff I take out of it?! (A question only slightly less perplexing than, “if the milk in the can is ‘evaporated’, how come the can isn’t empty”?)

Anyway, all the deep philosophy aside, I hope everyone is getting set to welcome Spring (except in the US where the new President has passed an Executive Order declaring all seasons, with the possible exception of endless nuclear winter, to be hoaxes perpetrated by the scientific community, in collusion with Natasha and Boris, and the rest of the gang from the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. Thus, having added three entire seasons to his list of things he doesn’t believe in, the new President is well on his way to making the job of running the country, into something so simple, that even a politician could do it. (With so much concern about “fake news” these days, I now have to ruin my own sarcasm and admit that this previous paragraph is meant as a joke…smh.)

Until next time, everyone please stay safe, healthy, and happy.


My First Gallery of 2017

So another year is upon us, and I thought I should start it off with my very first photo-gallery of the year. The photos themselves were taken last year of course, but that is how these things tend to work. So Happy New Year everyone, and lets get on with it.

I’m editing this post just to add one note of interest for anyone who may not be familiar with the single tree that makes up one of the images below. That particular tree is an import to British Columbia from the lower slopes of the Chilean and Argentinian south-central Andes, and for whatever reason (beyond being on the endangered species list), they’re not quite as plentiful as they use to be when I first moved out here (approx. 35 years ago).

The tree is commonly known as “The Monkey Puzzle Tree”, though it’s more distinguished scientific name is Araucaria araucana. Unlike what most people think, and as I have even noted in the caption, we don’t really know if this tree, a tree that is so old that it is regarded as a living fossil, can or cannot truly be climbed by a monkey. I don’t know if anyone has ever tested this relatively new theory. The story, as it was told to me, was that the strange leaf formations, which feel actually quite brittle, and are attached very close to the stem along the whole edge of the leaf (if you enlarge my picture to it’s maximum size, you will get at least a decent idea of what I mean) would continually break off from the tree wherever the monkey grabbed it, thus preventing the hapless simian from making any progress.

A little deeper reading, however, has turned up for me the following explanation for the name, and until I actually see a monkey sitting under a Monkey Puzzle Tree, shaking one fist at the tree above him, while massaging his sore bottom with the other fist, I’m going to have to believe the new explanation (which is actually the original explanation). That story goes like this:

“The origin of the popular English language name “monkey puzzle” derives from its early cultivation in Britain in about 1850, when the species was still very rare in gardens and not widely known. Sir William Molesworth, the proud owner of a young specimen at Pencarrow garden near Bodmin in Cornwall, was showing it to a group of friends, one of them – the noted barrister and Benthamist Charles Austin – remarked, “It would puzzle a monkey to climb that”.[11] As the species had no existing popular name, first “monkey puzzler”, then “monkey puzzle” stuck”.[12]


[Photos] Before & After in Aleppo and Why We Need an Antiwar Movement : Daily Sheeple.

Reblogged on because if even one more person can see what War is all about, then just maybe one more person will finally decide that Peace is the only way. Let’s just hope and pray that this next one really is a Happy New Year everyone.


Now I Remember

Quite a while back, I mentioned I had some pictures to share with you all that I took one day when I walked up to the top of Queen Elizabeth Park, here in Vancouver’s Kitsilano, or Mount Pleasant area, depending on how you want to look at the map. What is for certain is that when you are at the top of that park, at The Bloedel Conservatory, you are basically at the highest point in the city, the top of Little Mountain, and the views can be spectacular at the right time of year, if the weather is co-operative.

Anyway, after I mentioned having those pictures, I preceded to get so involved with all that was happening in the US elections, that as you’ve no doubt noticed, I’ve done very little with my page at all. And then today, while I was trying to sort everything out after one of Microsoft’s constant updates, that seem to do everything for my computer BUT improve anything about it, I came across some of those pictures, and remembered that I never did post any of them.  So…here is the batch that I came across today which I had apparently gotten ready to post as a first batch, and as soon as I edit a few more, I’ll follow up with a second post.

Until then, everyone take care, stay healthy and stay safe. For all my friends in the USA, I’m thinking good thoughts for you, and just want to remind you, that as those pictures under these words prove…you’ve still got friends in high places. : )


A Quick Little Gallery And A Tribute

As I sit here with the rain beating on my windows, and piles of papers in front of me that I really want to get organized into something meaningful, I thought I should at least take the time to put up a few fresh pictures. Perhaps if I remind myself what a sunny day looks like, my own demeanor will improve to the point where I might even get something done. You never know, I’ve had sillier plans work. Besides, it’s got to be better than watching the news which is only slightly less depressing than the weather, and would actually have been even more depressing if it wasn’t for the amazing announcement that one of my favorite performers was given the Nobel Prize for Literature in a move that must have come as quite a shock to quite a few people. All I have to say about that is, “Congratulations Mr. Dylan, and hey, How does it feel?”