Shell Oil’s Climate Change Video

The following link will take you to Lee Camp’s “Redacted Tonight” and aside from injecting some great humor into your day, it should explain quite well the reasons behind why I’m a big fan of Lee Camp, and also, why I have no respect for companies like Shell Oil. And except for this final Warning: Video contains some graphic language (the worst of it is bleeped out), I’m going to let Lee do all the talking on this one. The video runs 10:55. So until next time, please stay healthy, happy and safe.


“Your Papers Please…”

Just three little words. Rather harmless-sounding at first, and yet…entire volumes have been written on the consequences of allowing those three little words to become commonplace in a previously free country. And make no mistake about it, when the new US President mentioned in his first major speech (to both Houses of the Government) since his inauguration, that he was having the Department of Homeland Security set up a special police force that would deal specifically with crimes committed by immigrants, he was definitely taking the first step to singling out immigrants as a special group, isolated from the rest of the American public, making it just that much easier to vilify them as a single body, in the exact same manner that so many other groups have been singled out for “specialized” treatment by other governments throughout history. The method is to report daily ONLY the crimes committed by immigrants, WITHOUT specifying how small a percentage that is of the total crimes committed; the result is that very quickly people first start to think that a DISPROPORTIONATE amount of crime is being committed by immigrants, and then they begin thinking that ALL immigrants are criminals. It’s a tried and true method that has led to some of the worst atrocities recorded in the histories of many countries in times long past, and just how many times have we told ourselves, “It could never happen here”?

John Whitehead is a Constitutional Attorney, and author, who founded The Rutherford Institute in 1982, which is now, “…one of the nation’s leading advocates of civil liberties and human rights, litigating in the courts and educating the public on a wide spectrum of issues affecting individual freedom in the United States and around the world…” “The Institute is a 501(c)(3) organization which…provide(s) legal services in the defense of civil liberties and to educate the public on important issues affecting their constitutional freedoms…”

Aside from being a published author of books, Mr.Whitehead publishes as well, timely articles in various  Independent media outlets. Below, I have linked to one of his latest articles, the inspiration for this post, in which Mr.Whitehead explains with a far greater amount of articulation than I will ever possess, exactly why we all have to be concerned about this proposed attack on some of the most vulnerable people in American society. His message is clear, and truly makes it plain why this is not just an American issue. It is an issue that needs to be recognized, and addressed, by people everywhere. No one should just stand by, perhaps thinking that this has nothing to do with me.

When we do on occasion take time to look back at history, and ponder some of the terrible things that have happened to people on this planet, one of the questions that so frequently arises, is why didn’t the people see the catastrophe coming? Where were those who should have been wise enough to recognize the signs, and brave enough to alert the people as to what was happening? Surely a man like Hitler didn’t just wake up one morning and begin marching 6 million Jews off to the death camps. There had to be some warning signs of what was about to happen. So why did no one warn the average citizen of what was happening in their own country? Why did no one explain things to those who might not have understood all the intricacies of the actions that were taking place?

The sad fact is that there were plenty of those type of people around, just as there are today. People who were screaming the facts from the rooftops. They were writing articles (that the mainstream, government-controlled publications refused to print), they were giving speeches (that the people never heard as they preferred the ample supply of cheap entertainment to keep them busy), and most importantly, those people who were trying to warn their fellow citizens, they were smeared as radicals, or crazies, or conspiracy-nuts, or whatever, by the government, the mainstream media, and the ruling elite who certainly didn’t want any change in the status quo. And by the time anyone DID listen, the war was raging, the death camps were full, the world was in ruins, and finally everyone was asking WHY?

But we have a choice, this is our time, and it’s still early enough to do something about it. We can start by listening to less of the mainstream media, who have proven time and again over the last years that they are not to be trusted, and more to people like John Whitehead, and others in the Independent media, who have taken on the thankless task of trying to educate people on the unpleasant Truths that we, as adult citizens of the world, need to face if we are going to survive. I know I just said we have time, but as always, time keeps running, and we need to use it…or lose it. I know that no one has asked for my opinion, but if they had asked where I think they should start, I might suggest that the article below is as good a place as any, and better than most. Till next time, stay healthy, happy and safe.


Proof That Corporations Have No Respect For Law??

A while back, Energy Transfer Partners, the firm that is building the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota, the pipeline that has been such an item in the news as the Standing Rock Sioux Nation, and their allies from all over the world, have fought to stop it’s progress, announced that it would take 60 days from the time that it received permission to drill under the Missouri River (the clean drinking water source of over 18 million Americans), to complete their pipeline. They received that permission 19 days ago. Yesterday, February 25th, 2017, ETP announced that they were finished drilling, and that oil would be flowing through their new pipeline in as little as two weeks. This means that they somehow completed the drilling in just 17 days from the day they received permission to drill,  OR,  they began drilling long before they had permission to do so.

It is exactly this type of disregard for the law, this feeling that they, as Multi-National Corporations are above the common man, and the very government the people have elected to serve their countries, that make these entities so dangerous. Now you might argue that they didn’t violate the law, that instead they really did wait for the permissions to be granted, and they just worked REALLY fast. Well maybe they did (I’m sure that’s what they want the legal system of the United States to believe). But if that IS what they did, then like my friend at TYT Politics, Jordan Cheritan points out in his segment where I was alerted to all of this (and to which I provide a link at the bottom of this article), then I hope you remember that not if, but when that pipeline bursts (because it will), then I hope you will remember that the company had no concern about building it correctly, only as fast as possible.

There is also another problem to worry about. Sort of like the old adage of leaping from the frying pan into the fire. This following excerpt from an article entitled “Leader in Oil Spills Buys Dakota Pipeline’s Energy Transfer Co.” in the November 21st, 2016 issue of Telesur explains the problem, and it’s anything but reassuring,

Sunoco’s (the company planning to buy ETP) spill rate shows protesters may have reasons for concern about potential leaks at the Dakota pipeline.

Sunoco Logistics Partners L.P. is set to buy its competitor Energy Transfer Partners — under fire over the construction of the Dakota Access oil pipeline — for about US$20 billion, AP reported Monday. Shares for both companies fell in the afternoon by 8-9 percent.

Sunoco Logistics has been found to spill crude more often than any company, with more than 200 leaks since 2010, according to a Reuters analysis of government data…”

At any rate, there are several lawsuits in progress against both Dakota Access Pipeline, and President Trump at the time of this writing, and for explicit details about those suits, and what they entail, I would refer you to the first of the links below which will take you to the TYT Politics site, where Jordan Cheritan can be viewed talking about the drilling being completed, and the second link, which is Jordan once again at TYT Politics, but this time he is interviewing one of the people bringing suits against both DAPL, and President Trump. The third link is the source for my information on the purchase of Energy Transfer Partners by Sunoco, and is provided only as verification of my facts.

I’m posting this because the people of the Standing Rock Sioux won somewhat of a victory when President Obama finally ordered the Army Corps of Engineers to do an Environmental Impact Study, and when the Corp of Engineers agreed to accept input from the public. To suddenly give the company the go-ahead before either of those things have been completed is not only unlawful by the very laws of the United States (hence the lawsuits that have been initiated), but is morally reprehensible, and should not be seen in a developed country such as the US. This world-wide trend of valuing corporations over people has simply got to be resisted, until it is a thing of the past, and we are a civilized people once again.

Until next time, please stay safe, healthy, and happy.


The Danger of Lying Down With Dogs

Those of you who have followed my site for a while probably know by now that when I’m not out taking pictures, I spend a fair amount of my time following the politics of my friendly neighbors south of me here, down across the 49th parallel, in the United States of America. You may also be aware of the fact that with the recent election of their new President, things have been somewhat unsettled in that region, and with everyone taking sides, it’s gotten rather hard to know what to believe out of what you may hear on a day-to-day basis. Since the mainstream Press, the Military-Industrial Complex, and the Intelligence communities, all appear to have chosen the same side, and unbiased reporting has fallen to the Independent outlets (when they can actually make themselves heard), it’s refreshing when an article appears that contains enough good research, and solid fact-checking, that the illusions manifested by those seeking to delegitimize the democratically-elected government, begin to crack, because as Leonard Cohen would say, “That’s how the light gets in”.

That which I plan to share with you today is exactly one of those articles. I found it in CounterPunch, a place I find many articles, a place which along with the Intercept, Consortium News, Redacted Tonight, The Jimmy Dore Show, and a few others, can still, imho, be trusted as reliable news sources. The first two, as well as CounterPunch, publish articles that are much more in-depth, and investigative, while the Jimmy Dore Show and Redacted Tonight are talk-show formats that serve a quick, informative daily dose of politics.

The article that I’m linking you to today is a little bit lengthy (a 7-8 minute read), but I think you’ll find yourself absorbed in it very quickly, especially if you’re a fan of James Bond, or John Grishom. There is somewhat of a coup being attempted in the USA even as we speak, and if you don’t think that’s an actual possibility, then you really should read the article. And you should probably try and spread it as far and wide as possible. Because that light that Leonard Cohen was singing about…well, it’s probably the one weapon that the people who are trying to pull this thing off, can’t fight. But I’ll let you decide for yourself. In the meantime, stay happy, and safe, and we’ll see you soon.


A True Social Warrior

Many people these days talk about being “social warriors”. In Seattle, there is a young lady (45 years of age) who sits on the City Council, named Kshama Sawant. Kshama is the first socialist (the Socialist Alternative Party) to win a city-wide election in Seattle since 1916, when another woman (Anna Louise Strong) was elected to the School Board, and also the first socialist to sit on City Council in Seattle since A.W.Piper was elected in 1877. It would appear that identifying as a socialist in the American north-west, might not always be the best political strategy.

After winning the 2013 election, Sawant was able to claim a major victory in May of 2014, when Seattle’s Mayor Murray announced an increase in the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour, which had been Kshama’s main campaign cornerstone. The only downside to it, and one that she was unhappy about, was that the big corporations were allowed a number of years to phase the increase in. But for her own part, Kshama stayed true to another (promise?) she had made, and in many circles, I think it is that promise on which her character is most often judged. Let me explain what I mean by that.

During her campaign, there was a currently-sitting councilman, Nick Licata, who though he failed (like every other council member) to endorse Kshama, did speak very positively of the young hopeful. He is on record as saying that “…(while) her eventual election victory seemed unlikely…”, he hoped that Sawant would not “…disappear after the election if she loses. She represents the poor, the immigrants, the refugees – the folks who are not in our City Council offices lobbying us.” The compliment, as you can see for yourself, is definitely what my mother would call “left-handed”, but it does show the fact that even those who wouldn’t openly support this woman, could not deny her sincerity, and good intentions. But this still doesn’t fully explain what I meant by her other promise.

You see, Kshama truly does, in her heart, represent those people that Councilman Licata mentioned, as well as the everyday working people of her city, and because she represents them, she would do nothing that would set her apart, or in any way above them, and if you think about it, that is the true meaning of Socialism – looking out for each other. So while she was running her campaign, soon-to-be Councilwoman Sawant promised she would donate the portion of her salary that she earned as a City Council member that exceeded the average salary in Seattle. It was on January 27th, 2014 that Councilwoman Sawant announced she would be living on $40,000 per year of her $117,000 yearly City Council salary. The remaining portion of her annual remuneration is put into a fund that is used for various social justice campaigns. And that’s the promise she kept that I think most people judge her character on, since so many folks I know are so fond of the old adage, “Put your money where your mouth is.”

So what is this young warrior up to today? Well, the good people of Seattle have returned the good Councilwoman to office, and she’s doing her best to keep the new President honest. She’s still trying (unsuccessfully so far) to get free transit for the poor and the disabled in her city. And she’s doing some journalism. In that vein, I’ve decided to close this article off with a link to her latest article in Counterpunch Magazine, entitled, “A Socialist Strategy To Defeat Trump” (I warned you she was a warrior). It’s actually an amazing article, and you can find it right about,

As for me, I’m still in the midst of getting things organized for my move on April 1st, and other than that, it looks like the bad weather here picked this week-end to go away for awhile. Therefore, as soon as I get this posted, I’m off into the great outdoors with my camera. Hope you folks are all safe and happy, and I’ll see you soon.

For those of you who would like to know a little more about councilwoman Kshama Sawant, here’s a link to the Wikipedia page I used for some of the facts and figures above. It’s as good a starting place as any.


You Be The Judge

Ever since President Trump signed his Executive Order which he refers to as a “Travel Ban”, and which his critics claim is actually a blanket ban on all Muslims, I’ve listened to the arguments go back and forth, from Left to Right, and every other direction imaginable. When asked my own opinion, I’ve tried to withhold it as best as I could, simply because that opinion of mine is lengthy enough, and the people asking are usually agitated enough, that I can never get it fully explained before I’m cut off, and then I’m getting yelled at for something I may or may not even have said, or for that matter believed.

Well, I finally came across an article that pretty much sums up the way I feel about things regarding this topic, and since it was about time for a new post, I thought I would just leave you all a link to the article I found, which you may or may not take the time to read, but if you do, then after you read it, “You can be the judge as to whether you think it’s a valid opinion or not”. Fair warning up front, however, the writer of the article, Paul Street, aside from writing news articles, is a published author, and as many authors are, he’s quite verbose at times. This means the article is a little lengthy, though I believe it’s interesting enough (and informative enough) that you won’t mind. I guess that’s just something else you’ll have to judge for yourself.

Unspeakable: the Black Book of Imperial Terrorism


So in the meantime, I hope everyone is enjoying some weather a little less blustery than what we are experiencing at the moment, (I do have to admit that this snowy winter we’ve seen this year has been very interesting to say the least). And until we meet again, stay happy, stay safe, and if you’re traveling to the US, make sure those papers are in order! Just Kidding.


Lady Liberty Depicted as a Woman of Color on U.S. Currency for 1st Time

Now this is an American first that reminds me once again, why I’ve always had a special place in my heart for my southern neighbors. Looks really fine on you folks.



article via

For the first time in American history, Lady Liberty will be portrayed as a woman of color on United States currency, NBC News reported. In celebration of the U.S. Mint and Treasury’s 225th anniversary, the new $100 coin was unveiled on Thursday featuring Lady Liberty as a black woman.

Since the passage of the Coinage Act in 1792, all coins are required to feature an “impression emblematic of liberty,” in either words or images. Until the new coin designed by Justin Kunz was unveiled, Lady Liberty had always been depicted as a white woman.

The coins will cost $100 each and will be available to the public on April 6.

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